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BBC School Report

Charity Champions

By Amy and Meryem. Weatherhead High School for Performing Arts has reported to the BBC that the Year 8 team has created a charity competition between the forms. This took place from the start of December and is still running at this moment! The competitions that have...

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Wonderful Writers Wow Weatherhead

Written by Ashleigh (Y7) and Lori (Y8) At Weatherhead High School, each year, the LRC (run by Miss Grainger) brings in many famous authors for the week. The LRC does so in order to allow all students to converse with them, discuss book ideas and ask inspiring authors...

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Design Gurus Destined for Greatness!

By Millie (Y10), Leah (Y11), Holly (Y8) & Polly (Y8) Every year, the Design Museum in London hosts Design Ventura for Years 9-11 students across the globe. The competition entails working in teams to produce a product, whilst considering everything from design to...

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