Meet the Senior Leadership Team

Miss A Whelan


All operational activity and strategic direction of the school and the Trust.

Success and reputation of Weatherhead High School.

Quality and standards of the whole school.

All students and staff.

Miss Sullivan

Senior Deputy Headteacher – Student Services & Day to Day Operations

Responsible for all aspects of student services for Years 7-11.

Responsible for behaviour and safety for Years 7-11.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer for whole school.

Operational oversight of all daily routines, rotas and logistics of the school.

Oversight of:
Student Services

Mrs Rogers

Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Standards

Responsible for all aspects of curriculum development, delivery and quality assurance for all students.

Responsible for all assessment, data and reporting.

Most able provision.

Overall responsibility for all disadvantaged students 7-11 (KS4).

Governor links.


Oversight of: 
English, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Science, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Miss Byrne

Deputy Headteacher – Director of 6th Form & Leadership

All aspects of Sixth Form relating to targets, quality, standards, recruitment, attendance, behaviour and destinations.

University application success.


Sixth Form scholars.

Staff and student leadership.

Safeguarding Officer.

KS5 Child Looked After (CLA).

Year 12 Work Experience,

Staff professional development.

Oversight of:
KS5 – Years 12 and 13.
Health Studies.

Mrs Walton

Assistant Headteacher – Student Services

Designated Lead Safeguarding Officer for whole school.

Quality and standards.

Student welfare and guidance Years 7-11.

Attedance Years 7-11.

Lead on rewards and initiatives.

Student achievement and progress at KS4.

Oversight of:
KS4 – Years 10 and 11.
Art and Design.

Mr Stringer

Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum & Mathematics Lead


Strategic lead for Mathematics.

Mathematics leadership team.

Curriculum development.

Whole school numeracy.

Post 16 numeracy L2 provision.

Cross-curricular projects.

Primary links (KS2-3).

British Values.

Oversight of:
Mathematics, STEM, Learning Zone.

Mr Horman

Assistant Headteacher – Student Services

Deputy Safeguarding Officer.

Designated teacher for Child Looked After (CLA).

Behaviour and safety Years 7-11.

Punctuality Years 7-11.

External Agencies.

Vocational/Alternative Curriculum.


Staff and student wellbeing.


Oversight of:
Food Technology

Mrs Kaloumenos

Assistant Headteacher – Achievement & Aspirations

Achievement and progress of all disadvantaged students.

Intervention cohorts (Years 7-11).

All intervention staff.

Catch-up programme.

Eco Schools.

Record of Achievement.

Awards evening.

Extra-curricular programme.

Wider community links.

Year 10 work experience.

Oversight of:
Performing Arts

Miss Smith

Assistant Headteacher – Director of KS3

Responsible for creating a positive ethos withing KS3, encouraging a positive attitude to learning in a climate of reward and success.

Quality and standards at KS3.

Student progress and achievement in KS3.

Responsible for student behaviour in KS3.

Responsible for attendance and punctuality in KS3.

Support student extra-curricular experience within KS3.

Responsibility for Year 7 residential trip.

Transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

Oversight of:
KS3 – Years 7, 8 and 9

Mr Reid

Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning

Whole school teaching and learning and staff training.

BTEC qualifications.

Lead Researchers.

Google Classroom and remote e-learning/remote education.


Making it Stick – learning support programmes for all students and parents.

School website.

Parent communication and engagement.

Parents’ evening/School Cloud operations.

International curriculum development.

World Class Schools.

Oversight of:
ICT, Media and Computers
New Staff

Miss Woolsey

Associate Assistant Headteacher – Director of English & Whole School Literacy

KS3, KS4 and KS5 English.

Whole school literacy projects.

Literacy across the curriculum.

Literacy intervention.

Post 16 literacy L2 provision.

Oversight of:
English Team
LRC Manager

Miss McArdle

School Business Manager & Company Secretary


Health and safety.

Support staff.


Oversight of:
Duke of Edinburgh (DofE).
Home-School Communication.
IT systems.