School Uniform

Weatherhead students are proud to be identified by their uniform which has been developed and designed with our students and the environment at heart. Our uniform is clean, crisp and smart, easy to wear and comfortable.


Uniform Guidelines

The Jacket

Specialist Order


Order the jacket online at Baker & Son Schoolwear.

For families who need it, FUSS, the Free Uniform for Secondary Schools service, can help supply items of uniform.

PE Kit, Jumper and Revere Collar Blouse

Specialist Order

Order the PE kit, Weatherhead logo jumper and revere collar blouse online at Baker & Son Schoolwear.

Non-branded items are also available from other retailers and branded/non-branded items are available from FUSS, the Free Uniform for Secondary School service, for families who need it.

Unless otherwise stated, uniform items are available from a wide range of retailers including FUSS, the Free Uniform for Secondary Schools service, for families who need it.


Jacket Bespoke jacket designed for Weatherhead; the jacket is only available to buy from Baker & Son Schoolwear.
Jumper/Cardigan (optional)

Our uniform is not seasonal but some students may choose to add a jumper/cardigan to their uniform during the winter months; it can also be worn all year round if preferred.

A plain dark navy blue V-neck jumper or cardigan. This is an optional item.

A Weatherhead branded dark navy blue V-neck jumper is available to buy from Baker & Son Schoolwear. Again, this is an optional item.


Dark navy blue skirt

Skirt must be a reasonable length i.e. knee length.

PE/Gymslip style skirts are not allowed.

Straight pencil style skirts are not allowed.

Trousers Dark navy blue smart trousers (not black, denim, leggings or jogging pants style).
Blouse White, short sleeve, open necked (revere) blouse.  No tie.

Plain – Navy, black or white socks or tights.

Socks with bows, frills or lace are not allowed.


Sensible, low heeled, plain black school shoe with no accessories, adornments or bows of any kind.

No pumps, trainers or boots (including Kicker boots).

Additional Expectations

Hair One natural colour.
No extreme hair styles are allowed (this includes partially or totally shaved hair).
No bows are to be worn as accessories.
Jewellery One pair of discreet stud earrings in the lower ear only.
One wrist watch. No iWatch or other smart watch device.
No facial, tongue or body piercings are allowed for health and safety reasons.
One plain ring only.
No necklaces or bracelets.
Make Up Make up should be kept to a minimum.
No nail varnish is allowed.
No false/acrylic nails are allowed.
No false eyelashes are allowed.
Year Group Badges Pin badges must be worn every day.
Lost badges must be replaced at a charge of £1.

Free Uniform for Secondary Schools (FUSS)

Weatherhead High School are working with Wirral FUSS – Free Uniform for Secondary School.

Wirral FUSS is a voluntary organisation that works to encourage FREE distribution of school uniform in good condition for re-use by families who need it, without judgement of circumstances; as well as the recycling of worn out uniform.

Uniform Donations

A clothing donation drum is located in Weatherhead’s school foyer, where you can donate items your child no longer needs or has outgrown, and any uniform, PE kit, etc you may have from Weatherhead other Wirral schools.

During the half term and summer holidays, uniform donations can be dropped off at reception between 9am and 3pm (closed Bank Holidays).

There are lots of other locations where you can take your donations.

Find your nearest location at:

Request Items of Uniform

If you require uniform, you can contact WirralFUSS by email at [email protected] or telephone 07731 831 936, or you can make a request using the online form on their website.

The Hub that will hold stocks of Weatherhead High School uniform for collection is located at St Luke’s Methodist Church in Hoylake (they hope to have a Wallasey base in the near future). The Hub is staffed and open for collecting or exchanging items from 9.30am to 12.30pm every Wednesday and by appointment. In some cases, it may be possible to arrange delivery of requested items.

There are lots of hubs across Wirral where you can request/donate items of uniform for Primary and Secondary schools across the Wirral.

Address: St Luke’s Methodist Church, 19 Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2BF

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07731 831 936