Subject Ambassadors

Subject Ambassador Student Leadership Awards

Subject Ambassadors can develop leadership skills within their subject area by working towards achieving the Bronze, Silver or Gold Subject Ambassador Leadership Award.


Taking part in this programme will help to:

  • Develop transferrable skills in preparation for your working life.
  • Develop relationships with both staff and students, by promoting your subject area.
  • Promote active citizenship.
  • Raise the profile of you role and responsibilities across the school.
  • Create excellent evidence for your future employability, College or University reference.


How does it work?

  • You must complete the task set in line with each leadership skill.
  • Your Subject Teacher or the subject Curriculum Leader must sign off the activity and provide brief notes of the date it was completed and your performance.
  • Your teacher can create a replacement task, if they feel an alternative may be more suitable in your subject area.


What happens when I complete each award?

After completion of a full table, you can present your booklet to the Student Leadership Co-ordinator, Mrs Daniels and you will be awarded your Bronze, Silver or Gold Leadership award in assembly.

Subject Ambassadors Booklet

Download the booklet (PDF) and get started!