Wonderful Writers Wow Weatherhead

15 March 2018 | BBC School Report

Written by Ashleigh (Y7) and Lori (Y8)

At Weatherhead High School, each year, the LRC (run by Miss Grainger) brings in many famous authors for the week. The LRC does so in order to allow all students to converse with them, discuss book ideas and ask inspiring authors questions. They even get to get their books or book plates signed. This creates an excellent buzz in the school and really encourages reading for all ages.

Miss Grainger, our Librarian, commented that, “the authors that visited were Holly Smale, Patrice Lawrence & Chris Russell”. Frank Cottrell Boyce will be joining us on March 16th and the students are very eagerly awaiting his arrival.


Following an interview, Miss Grainger informed us that she managed to get hold of authors mostly at library meetings; via the internet (their individual websites) and social media. She commented that she picked these authors because their “publishers often think that they will be best sellers or because their books are aimed at similar age groups for the school”. Additionally, the breadth of authors selected attends to a great variety of interests.

One fellow student, Ashleigh (Year 7) commented that “it was such an exciting experience and I got to ask lots of question to Chris Russell. I’m now reading his book which I didn’t know about before”. Another fellow student reviewed his book as being an “exciting adventure with a little bit of romance”.

Following on from Author Week, the school was then treated to a fantastical and magical World Book Day. Miss Carney and Miss Grainger, with the support of a number of Sixth Form Students, created an excellent lunch time of fun for all Key Stage 3 students. Throughout lunch there were a number of activities and competitions held. Additionally, they were supported by the English Department who dressed up in an array of colourful costumes. Miss Grainger quoted that “all of the English Department and myself were dressed up and students then had the chance to guess who or what we were”.

Not only did Weatherhead accommodate for their own students but they also opened their doors to a number of students who visited from Greenleas Primary School, on the morning of World Book Day, where the youngsters were submerged into the wonderful world of reading. Weatherhead has been running this event for 3 years now and are thoroughly looking forward to next year’s adventures!