Charity Champions

15 March 2018 | BBC School Report

By Amy and Meryem.

Weatherhead High School for Performing Arts has reported to the BBC that the Year 8 team has created a charity competition between the forms. This took place from the start of December and is still running at this moment! The competitions that have occurred are:

  • Guess the name of the teddy bear (8TR)
  • Raffle ticket Christmas hamper (8HRL)
  • Guess how many sweets in the jar (8KML)
  • Guess the teddy bear and win a hamper! (8AMP)

We have had some very lucky winners from Year 8 and staff have been overwhelmed by the positive attitude from students. 8AMP form tutor Mr Pierce commented that this has been a “brilliant idea! It’s great to see the students working together for a great cause.” Additionally, the Year 8 support worked, Mrs Manley said “it has been a wonderful idea and Year 8 is working hard to achieve the best! I am very proud of their efforts and commitment”. Finally, our Head of Year, Miss Lilburn embraced this challenge highlighting how the students “have come up with such fantastic ideas, raising a lot of money for those charities that need them most”. Year 8 have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are looking forward to seeing what other ideas are put forward.