Design Gurus Destined for Greatness!

15 March 2018 | BBC School Report

By Millie (Y10), Leah (Y11), Holly (Y8) & Polly (Y8)

Every year, the Design Museum in London hosts Design Ventura for Years 9-11 students across the globe. The competition entails working in teams to produce a product, whilst considering everything from design to marketing.

In September 2017 a group of Year 9 students entered and began to create ‘The Petal Pot’ – a polypropylene plant pot that expands as the plant grows.

On the 8th December 2017, they were shortlisted for the top 10 entries out of approximately 14,500 students.

Later in December, they went to London to pitch their product to professionals. Following a successful day, they returned in February 2018 for a fun-filled day of workshops, and most importantly, the results ceremony…they won!

The Petal Pot goes on sale at the Design Museum in London in the Summer of 2018 and proceeds from this will be donated to charity.

Following their success, the students were once again shortlisted (later in the year) for an aluminium product design contest. On the 8th March, they went to Birmingham for their results. To our great amazement, they once again won! Not only did they receive lots of gifts for themselves and the school, but they also won an all-expenses paid trip to Milan in July, which they will experience with Mrs Pearson, the teacher who supported them during the competitions.