Transport Links


For help planning your journey to school by public transport, use the Merseytravel Journey Planner.


To plan your journey to school from door-to-door, use the Traveline Journey Planner or call Traveline on 0871 200 2233.

Special bus routes have been laid on by Weatherhead, in conjunction with Mersey Travel, to facilitate students getting to school.

Bus Timetables

Click on the links below to view the route map, individual bus stop times or to download a copy of the timetable.

Morning bus routes serving Weatherhead (click to expand)

AM Route

Operator Service From Departure Time To Arrival Time
Selwyns 224 Liscard, Wallasey Road 0811 Weatherhead High 0827
Selwyns 227 Woodchurch Road 0743 Liscard, Wallasey Road 0809
Happy Al’s Coaches 229 Wallasey Village 0747 Weatherhead High 0815
Happy Al’s Coaches 616 Seacombe Ferry 0800 Wallasey Village 0814
Happy Al’s Coaches 633 Moreton Cross 0750 Weatherhead High 0825
Happy Al’s Coaches 635 Moreton Cross 0748 Liscard, Seaview Road 0822
Afternoon bus routes serving Weatherhead (click to expand)

PM Route

Operator Service From Departure Time To Arrival Time
Happy Al’s Coaches 224 Weatherhead High 1530 Liscard, Wallasey Road 1546
Happy Al’s Coaches 226 Weatherhead High 1530 Upton Village 1559
Happy Al’s Coaches 229 Weatherhead High 1530 Wallasey Village 1558
Selwyns 616 Wallasey Village 1540 Seacombe 1552
Happy Al’s Coaches 635 Weatherhead High 1530 Saughall Massie 1604
Eazibus 635 Wallasey Village 1540 Saughall Massie 1610

Bus Fares

A daily ‘My Ticket’ can be purchased for £2.20 for those students using the above services to and from school. A weekly Solo ticket is £9.85.

Please visit the Merseytravel website for more information on tickets and passes for Under 19s.

If you have any concerns related to transport and attending this school, please contact us at Weatherhead on 0151 631 4400 for further assistance.