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The Parents, Teachers and Friends at Weatherhead High School (PTF) meet informally each term to share thoughts on school life and to support or shape events to help the school and families here.

Our ideas and fundraising efforts so far have contributed to enriching many aspects of school life including the creation of a more vibrant recreation area and contributions to the IRIS reward scheme, the Learning Resource Centre and more recently, support for the Weatherhead Big Bang team who qualified for the National Big Bang competition in 2020.

We also seek to champion local initiatives and are always open to new ideas and individuals to engage with.


The PTF usually meet informally every term.  The purpose of our meetings is to discuss school life and ways to support financially or at events to help the school, students and their families.


The PTF are always looking at ways to raise funds to support our school.  In normal times, our big fundraiser is the Christmas Fair.  As we are unable to hold this event in the last couple of years, we are looking at alternative ways to raise funds.  We will update you with our plans as soon as possible, through an announcement on this page and weekly Home-School updates.

This is what the PTF have donated to the pupils recently. If you would like more information regarding these donations please contact us at [email protected].

Big Bang entry support

March 2020

£1000 donated for resources


January 2018

£810 donated to go towards the Year 9 Well-being Event ‘Be the YOU in Yourself’ February 2018

iPads for Students

December 2017

£1000 donated for iPads

Street Planters

December 2017

£100 donated to Wallasey Village in Bloom to create some colourful pots for the street.

Support for Parents

Year 7

As parents ourselves, we know how daunting Year 7 can be for new parents and carers as well as the students. A new school like Weatherhead has so many new aspects and we are here to help make sense of it all. Please email us if you have any questions.

Year 12

We are aware that parents and carers of students new to school in Year 12 may need extra support too. The university open days beckon and student finance looms. Some of us have been there already and can be a useful ally!

We encourage all new parents and carers to come along to one of our informal meetings.  Dates of PTF Meetings are posted on the school calendar and also listed on the weekly Home-School updates.  If you are interested, please email and we will send you the details to join us.

Usually there will be a representative parent from each year group, or if not, someone who has been through that particular year can help.

PTF meetings will enable you to:

  • Meet with other new parents and friends of Weatherhead
  • Share tales and experience of settling in
  • Discuss any concerns you may have about any aspect of school life
  • Learn more about the PTF

We all look forward to meeting you!

PTF Roles


  • Arrange PTF meeting dates
  • Create Agenda and chair the meetings
  • Signatory on cheques
  • Approve minutes and distribute to members via e-mail
  • Liaise with parents and school with regards to representation at open evenings
  • Approve with other members how funds will be spent (school needs)
  • Prepare Chair report yearly for AGM meeting
  • Organise and prepare events (with help)

As a registered Charity, The PTF must have a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.  Interested in these roles?

Get in touch: [email protected]


  • Take minutes at the meetings, type up and pass to Chair for approval and distribution
  • Stand in for Chair at meetings when not available
  • Signatory on cheques
  • Admin support for Chair when required
  • Help with organisation of events


  • To keep financial records of money in and out of the PTF account/ statements
  • Liaise with bank if any queries
  • Signatory on cheques / Issue cheques as required
  • Arrange floats for any events (from petty cash)
  • Pay money into bank as required
  • Prepare financial report for yearly AGM meeting

If you are interested in joining the Parents, Teachers and Friends @Weatherhead, or would like to be included in the general PTF emails, please email us at: [email protected].