The School Day

School Opening Hours

The school is open to students from 8am for breakfast club in the canteen and after school (except Tuesdays) for extra-curricular clubs and activities.

In a typical week, the school is open to students for 44 hours and 10 minutes.

School Opening Times School Closing Times Reception/Switchboard Closing Times
Monday 8am 5.30pm 4.30pm
Tuesday 8am 3.10pm (early close) 4.30pm
Wednesday 8am 5.30pm 4.30pm
Thursday 8am 5.30pm 4.30pm
Friday 8am 4.30pm (early close) 4.15pm

The School Day

The school day officially starts at 8.35am and officially finishes at 3.10pm. In a typical week, that amounts to 32 hours and 55 minutes of compulsory school time.

Breakfast Club (optional) 8am
Official start of the school day 8.35am
Form Time 8.35am – 8.57am 22 mins
Changeover 8.57am – 9.00am 3 mins
Period 1 9.00am – 9.50am 50 mins
Changeover 9.50am – 9.53am 3 mins
Period 2 9.53am – 10.43am 50 mins
Break 10.43am – 10.58am 15 mins
Changeover 10.58am – 10.59am 1 min
Period 3 10.59am – 11.49am 50 mins
Changeover 11.49am – 11.52am 3 mins
Period 4 11.52am – 12.42pm 50 mins
Lunch 12.42pm – 13.27pm 45 mins
Period 5 13.27pm – 14.17pm 50 mins
Changeover 14.17pm – 14.20pm 3 mins
Period 6 14.20pm – 15.10pm 50 mins
Official end of the school day 3.30pm
Extra-Curricular Clubs (optional) 3.10pm – 5.30pm (4.30pm Fridays). Closed after school on Tuesdays.