Progression Pathway

Weatherhead Aspirational Target Grade/Predicted Grade

Students are issued a predicted grade, this is the grade the teacher thinks the students could achieve based on their current progress.

Target setting at Weatherhead is designed to be motivational and enable students to make exceptional progress in all subjects. As part of this motivation to succeed, we will not set targets for students that are lower than grade 5, which is a ‘secure’ pass. Instead we will issue motivational targets and predicted grades to raise aspirations instead of discouraging students by giving them a target lower than a grade 5.

  • ‘5m’ – A ‘must’ target grade means that a grade 5 is the minimum expectation for students in that subject.
  • ‘5a’ – An ‘aim’ target grade means that students should aim for grade 5.
  • ‘5c’ – A ‘could’ target grade means that students could achieve a grade 5.

Effort Grades

Students are assigned a grade A-D based on their efforts in each subject. The table below shows a description of each of the different effort grades.

A Excellent effort is being made in this subject. Congratulations and keep it up!
B Good effort is being made in this subject. This level of commitment will need to be maintained to ensure consistent improvement in the future – well done.
C There is a need for improvement in this subject. Greater commitment and consistency are needed in relation to learning.   
D There is a need for significant improvement in this subject. The level of effort is unsatisfactory and is a cause for concern.

The progress update also includes percentage attendance, punctuality, IRIS rewards and concerns, as well as any areas for concern. The three “Areas for Concern” relate to the essential elements required for progress and learning to take place. If the box is empty, then there is no area for concern in this subject. An asterisk * in a box indicates a concern. 

How can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about the curriculum we are following, please email: [email protected]

You can also visit our subject specific pages and our KS3KS4 and KS5 curriculum overviews.