The School Council

Who are we?

We are a group of students who represent the entire student body.

What is the purpose of our School Council?

We try to make the school better for you, the students, and we are a voice for your year group.

What do we do?

We are a voice for your year group and we try to make the school a better place for you. The Whole School Council hold meetings every two weeks, where we discuss the issues that you have raised and follow the progress of any previous actions. Year Council meetings are held once every term.  In these meetings we update them on any actions the Whole school council has taken and get their opinions and ideas.

What have we achieved?

So far we have focused on recycling and have introduced The Gumdrop Bins.  We have also reintroduced the salad bar and healthier options in the canteen and have more multipurpose bins on order.

What have we got planned for the future?

Fundraising for Ukraine.
More seating areas outside.
More vegan and vegetarian options in the canteen.

Suggestion Box

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