Student Services Team


Contact Student Services


Years 7-11

Call: 0151 631 4411
Report absence: 0151 631 4410


Sixth Form

Call: 0151 631 4401

Miss N Sullivan

Senior Deputy Headteacher – Student Services and Wellbeing. Designated Lead Teacher for Safeguarding.

Mr J Horman

Assistant Headteacher – Safeguarding Officer.

Mrs C Walton

Assistant Headteacher – Director of Quality and Standards at KS4 (Pastoral and Academic).

Miss D Smith

Assistant Headteacher, Director of Key Stage 3 Student Services.

Mr Graham

Director of Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND).

Mrs R Jones

Well-being Co-ordinator.

Year 7

Mr Barr, Head of Year 7
Miss Raftery, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Year 8

Mrs Hudson, Head of Year 8
Miss Yates, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Year 9

Miss Thomason, Head of Year 9

Year 10

Mrs E Jones, Head of Year 10
Miss Green, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Year 11

Miss Lilburn, Head of Year 11
Mrs Luscombe, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Sixth Form

Miss Byrne, Director of Sixth Form & Senior Assistant Headteacher
Miss Crawford, Head of Year 12
Miss Dutton, Head of Year 13
Mrs Lambert, 6th Form Learning Support & Enrichment Co-ordinator
Mrs Ellis, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Pink, Sixth Form Administrator
Miss Nilson, 6th Form Academic and Pastoral Support Worker