Student Services Team


Contact Student Services


Years 7-11

Call: 0151 631 4411
Report absence: 0151 631 4410


Sixth Form

Call: 0151 631 4401

Miss N Sullivan

Deputy Headteacher – Student Services and Wellbeing. Designated Lead Teacher for Safeguarding.

Mr J Horman

Assistant Headteacher – Safeguarding Officer.

Miss D Smith

Assistant Headteacher, Director of Key Stage 3 Student Services.

Mr Graham

Director of Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND).

Mrs R Jones

Well-being Co-ordinator.

Year 7

Mr Barr, Head of Year 7
Miss Raftery, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Year 8

Mrs Hudson, Head of Year 8
Miss Yates, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Year 9

Miss Thomason, Head of Year 9
Mrs Hurst, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Year 10

Mrs E Jones, Head of Year 10

Year 11

Miss Lilburn, Head of Year 11
Mrs Luscombe, Pastoral and Academic Support Worker

Sixth Form

Miss Byrne, Director of Sixth Form & Senior Assistant Headteacher
Miss Crawford, Head of Year 12
Miss Dutton, Head of Year 13
Mrs Lambert, 6th Form Learning Support & Enrichment Co-ordinator
Mrs Pink, Sixth Form Administrator
Miss Nilson, 6th Form Academic and Pastoral Support Worker