Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality

Full attendance is vital if students are to fulfil their potential, make progress in school subjects and take advantage of the educational opportunities available at Weatherhead. All students must be in school ready for the start of the school day at 8.35am. From 8am – 8.30am we run a breakfast club in the dining hall with free juice and toasted bagels. All students are welcome.


Reporting an absence

Please telephone 0151 631 4410 on the first and every subsequent day of absence.


Appointments during the school day

Students attending a clinic, hospital or dental appointment during the school day, must bring an official appointment card or note from their parent/carer and take it to the Student Services Office who will issue an Authorised Absence Pass. Wherever possible such appointments should be made out of school hours.


Application for leave during term time

Leave of absence requests will not be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers wishing to apply for their child to have a leave of absence from school should download and complete an application form. Click here to download the Application for Leave During Term Time (PDF).

The Attendance and Punctuality Policy can be found on our Policies and Procedures page.

Attendance 2022-23 – Top Form

Week Ending / Top Form / % Attendance
25/11 18/11 11/11 04/11
7MMC 95.9% 7NLN 98.3% 7CAS 99.1% 7NLN 99.6%
8ZEL 96% 8ZEL 94.8% 8SBG 94% 8SKD 94.4%
9PCO 92.5% 9PCO 97.1% 9CB 92.6% 9MCL 95%
10JMI 88.7% 10EOL 90.4% 10CK 94.7% 10KDA 91%
11LF 93.8% 11JWI 93.6% 11LF 92.5% 11ACA 95.3%


Week Ending / Top Form / % Attendance
20/10 14/10 07/10
7CAS 98.9% 7NCL 98.4% 7NLN 99.2%
8SA 98.9% 8JMU 96.3% 8SKD 98%
9RMN 95.8% 9AJH 94.1% 9RMN 95.4%
10EOL 94.7% 10JRA 96.4% 10HWI 90%
11JWI 97.2% 11LF 95.8% 11LF 93.8%