Wirral Book Award’ readers vote for favourites

25 April 2023 | LRC

This year’s voting event for the ‘Wirral Book Award’ took place on Tuesday 25th April at Co-op Academy Bebington.  Seven of our students attended, and voted for their favourite books from the shortlist.  They are all passionate readers, who enjoyed the opportunity to meet with other Wirral schools and debate the merits of the six books, with three of our students giving very persuasive speeches as to why their pick should be voted the winner.  Overall, ‘The Forevers’ by Chris Whitaker was voted as Wirral students’ best book of the year.

Our students were also very lucky to hear an inspiring speech from renowned teen/young adult author Kevin Brooks, and were given the opportunity to ask him questions and talk to him about his books and career during the visit.

Our Wirral Book Award readers will continue to read the shortlisted books this term, and we will hold our own vote in July to decide Weatherhead’s favourite.