Weatherhead Winners – All About STEM/Unilever Bright Future Inspire

18 May 2022 | School News

Congratulations to the Year 9 students who were awarded prizes for communication and innovation at the ‘All About STEM/Unilever Bright Future Inspire’ virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday 18th May.

Back in November, two teams of Year 9 students from Weatherhead High School took on the challenge set by the ‘All About STEM/Unilever Bright Future Inspire’ competition to prepare a unique home care or personal care product for entry into this year’s competition.

After researching and developing their concepts to the challenging brief set by Unilever, the teams set about creating their brand identity and the product itself, presenting their work to the All About STEM and Unilever judging panel in April.

We were thrilled that both teams from Weatherhead High School were awarded with a prize and each student also received an exciting goody bag.

Team Crystal Clean, winners of the Communication Award, designed a solid washing powder for dishes, containing fewer ingredients than conventional washing up liquid and significantly less water, which reduces transport costs. Their packaging repurposes a conventional milk bottle, which can be cleaned and refilled many times, then recycled when no longer in use. 

Team CoCo, winners of the Innovation Award, promised ‘a luxurious showering experience with minimal environmental impact’.  Their refillable, biodegradable and washable sponge, with a pocket for their zingy lime-scented organic soap, is designed as a portable product which uses no plastic packaging and minimal water compared to conventional personal care products.

At the virtual awards ceremony the judges said they were impressed with the students’ demonstration of the product, their really well thought out ideas, and how they had really thought about the consumer’s sensory experience. 

The students were supported by Mr Knight, our talented Art and DT Technician, Mrs Pearson, teacher of Design Technology and Dr Moore, Head of STEM and School Direct.