June’s Artist of the Month

10 July 2020 | School News

For June’s ‘Artist of the Month’ competition, students were asked to reproduce a painting of their choice, by dressing up or using props, and staging a photograph showing a likeness to the original painting.

Their entries were incredibly creative and worthy of any portrait gallery!

June’s winner is Aaleyah (Year 9) who produced a fantastic likeness to Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr Eloesser.

The runners up were Grace (Year 8) with a lockdown themed interpretation of Banksy’s street art and Daisy (Year 7) with an imaginative interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Special mention to Mrs Woods, Head of Health and Social Care, who enlisted the help of her young family to recreate Breakfast Table Political Argument by Norman Rockwell.