The Art Of Science

21 March 2017 | School News

On Saturday 18th March, Weatherhead welcomed 36 primary school students to ‘The Art of Science’, a workshop designed to give primary school students the opportunity to experience some of the highlights of studying Science at secondary school.

The workshop is part of Weatherhead’s Key Stage 2 Gifted Programme, which aims to challenge and extend able primary students.

Throughout the morning the students took part in three workshops:

  • Electrical circuits
  • Hands on with organs
  • The chemistry behind fireworks
The Art Of Science

Could we improve on what we offer?

“I think Weatherhead and all of the staff who take part in the programmes to organise and run them are doing a fantastic job. I am very fortunate and pleased that my son has been able to take part in the events and look forward to him attending more of them in the future.”

For more information about the gifted programme at Weatherhead High School email: [email protected]
The Art Of Science

All the pupils, currently in Year 5, thoroughly enjoyed themselves with positive feedback from pupils and parents, including:

One thing you really enjoyed about the session:
“Hands on, practical science experience such as using Bunsen burners and making ‘fireworks’.”
What do you most value in events of this type?
“I most value the experience and knowledge my son gains from attending the events. He is very eager and willing to learn more at his age and is interested in all of the programmes that are available.”
The Art Of Science