The three principal aims of the History Department at Weatherhead are to encourage a love of History, promote a sense of social responsibility amongst our students and enable each one to fulfil their potential.

To this end students undertake a series of historical enquiries to encourage them to think critically for themselves and develop their own views of the past. They explore the cultural, social and ethnic diversity of Britain from Medieval times to the end of the twentieth century and begin to understand how this has helped to shape Britain’s identity. Students are encouraged to think about the wider significance of events and so appreciate how the past has shaped the world we live in today. Through their studies they develop fundamental historical skills such as research, analysis and evaluation, which will serve them well in the future.

Staff at Weatherhead

In the History department we are fortunate to have experienced, enthusiastic and highly qualified staff. Their diverse skills and interests enrich learning opportunities as well as inspiring our students.

Head of department, Mrs Burke has been at Weatherhead for 17 years. Before entering the teaching profession she was a senior manager in local government and in addition to her degree she has post graduate qualifications in Management and Law. Her area of expertise is modern European history.

Miss Smith has a wealth of experience from which ours students benefit greatly. She has been a Year Leader here at Weatherhead for 19 years and a History teacher over 20 years as well holding her M.A. in Education. Her particular interest is nineteenth century British political history.

Mrs Clarke has been at Weatherhead for six years and brings with her an incredible enthusiasm for ancient as well as modern history. She is a highly creative and experienced practitioner with an unrivalled expertise in Egyptology.

Mr Hawkins is the most recent addition to the team. A Cambridge graduate, he is a supremely qualified History teacher with a passion for the Middle Ages and Britain in the Age of Empire. He brings with him a wealth of innovative ideas.


Pupils can access an extensive range of reading and reference materials in the Learning Resource Centre in addition to the publications available from the department. These can supplement their study of History outside of lesson time; laptops are also used to develop learning in the classroom.


History teachers here at Weatherhead provide a wide variety of lunch time and after school support sessions and a comprehensive revision programme to cater to the needs of GCSE and A level students.


Students have access to a number of experiences to enrich their curriculum. GCSE students visit an historical site as part of their studies; for the last two years this has been Speke hall, near Liverpool. In addition the department has organised specialist workshops with access to a variety of artefacts and experts to develop understanding of ‘Medicine through Time’. Sixth form students are given the opportunity to visit Berlin in order to explore the some of the key sites in modern European history. They also participate in Wirral’s annual Holocaust Memorial Service, and for the last few years have been privileged to hear the story of a Holocaust survivor first hand in school.

History is a hugely popular option at Weatherhead. This is partly due to our inspirational staff, partly due to the school’s excellent facilities but perhaps mostly because our students tend to share our belief that:

‘The study of History is the beginning of wisdom.’ Jean Bodin, a French economist (1530–1596)

Mrs Burke

Head of History