Year 9 Home Learning

On this page you will find a comprehensive list of all the subjects being studied by our year 9 students and the topics that they will be covering for the remainder of the Summer term. There are also links to various online platforms that will be used as part of our home learning provision.

Art & Design

Approximately 50 minutes per week

Research tasks on Pinterest, Drawing tasks, Online Youtube tutorials, Researching Artists and Designers, Photography

Students who have opted to study Textiles can complete drawing tasks via the on line tutorials, research tasks, Pinterest boards available through Google Classroom

Computer Science

Approximately 50 minutes per week

E-Safety, Cyber Spies, Brain Hack, Cyber Security, Internet and Web, Internet of Things, Random Coding, Making Websites and Big Data


Approximately 50 minutes per week

Dancer in action, 6 GCSE set works, Choreography, Musical Theatre, Contemporary

Design Technology

Approximately 50 minutes per week

Opted DT students: Mini design project, design challenge activities. All students have access to SAM Learning Polymers, Metals, Woods, Cutting, measuring and refining tools when working with materials, Helath & Safety, Social & Environmental Issues, Logos & Trademarks and Product analysis.


Approximately 30 minutes per week.
Opted students 1-2 hours each a week.

Research Project A – Favourite performer; Research Project B – History of Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton; Research Project C – History of The Empire Theatre, Liverpool – all details in Google Classroom.

BBC Bitesize GCSE Drama (AQA) – work through.

Script-writing challenge – join the Year 8 Google Classroom for further activities.

Opted Drama students: Intro to Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’ through Context research, Accents task, Read Act 1 and 2 of script, watch Willy Russell webinar, video lesson – Intro to the play; Intro to monologues; BBC Bitesize GCSE Drama (AQA) – work through the different sections; Watching National Theatre performances (age-appropriate); Watching free performances on YouTube.


Approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes per week

Literacy, Poetry Mastery, Victorian Literature.


Approximately 50 minutes per week


Approximately 1 hours and 40 minutes per week

Natural hazards – Preparation for AQA GCSE Geography. Highs and lows of lockdown


Approximately 1 hours and 40 minutes per week

The Cold War, American Civil Rights


Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes per week

Differentiated topics based on the needs of each class.


Approximately 50 minutes per week

KS3 drama and music research project; Tasks set on Sam Learning to do with music notation and recognising key terms, instrument information and listening examples.


Approximately 50 minutes per week

Indoor Athletics Indoor challenges. Home study booklet task. Rules & regulations tasks. Athletics theory task. Boccia Challenges. Individual challenges. Olympic Day prep tasks. Tennis tasks. Muscular & Skeletal system. Anaerobic & Aerobic Respiration.


Approximately 50 minutes per week

A series of lessons on Morals, Ethics and Philosophy


Approximately 1 hours and 20 minutes per week on each Science


Cell Biology, Organisation, Transport in Cells


Fuel Cells, Atomic structure, Periodic Table, Displacement Reactions


Specific Heat Capacity, Latent Heat, Gas Pressure


Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes per week

Self, Family and Friends, Free Time (Music, Cinema, T.V and Eating Out), School Life