Year 13 Remote Education

On this page you will find remote learning guides for parents, carers and students to support students working from home.  We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the subjects being studied by our year 13 students, a link to the topics that they will be covering each term and the online platforms that will be used as part of our remote education provision.  A copy of recent curriculum related home-school communications, as emailed to parents/carers, is also available.

Remote Education Provision

25th January 2021

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to parents, carers and students about learning remotely if local or national restrictions require entire cohorts or bubbles to remain at home.

How can students access remote education?

Each day, students will be able access all class work remotely in Google Classroom. Students follow their normal timetable and log into Google Classroom at the beginning of each lesson.  Teachers will generate and share links for accessing live lessons with students/classes in Google Classroom.

At Weatherhead High School, we use the following online platforms:
● Google Classroom (Google Suites)
● The Oak National Academy
● HegartyMaths
● The EverLearner
● SAM Learning
● PiXL
● Kerboodle
● LanguageNut
● Seneca Learning
● BBC Bitesize
These are our main platforms but this list is not exhaustive. Further information on our online platforms can be accessed by clicking here.

What type of work will be set?

Teachers will set the same topic and work linked to what is being delivered in school. Video clips from websites such as The National Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize may also be used to support students with their learning. For some subjects, students will be signposted to other online platforms, such as: HegartyMaths, The EverLearner and Languagenut. 

How will work be assessed?

Tasks completed by students will be assessed in a number of ways:
● Some work will be completed directly in Google Classroom and teachers will be able to see and produce feedback on this work online.
● Teachers may ask students to upload files or photos to Google Classroom, and it will be marked and returned to students.
● Work completed through online platforms such as HegartyMaths and The EverLearner will be automatically assessed and teachers may also provide individual or whole class feedback on this work.
● Assessments and tests are set in Google Classroom following the School’s Assessment Calendar.
Given the nature of the tasks, the type of feedback teachers can provide may not take the same format as marking an exercise book. Teachers are encouraged to ensure, when they set assessed work, that it is designed in such a way that meaningful feedback may be provided.

Subjects, Curriculum and Learning Platforms

Art & Design

Minimum of 5 hours per week

Business Studies

Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 15 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week

Design Technology

Minimum of 5 hours per week

Food Technology


Minimum of 5 hours per week

Health and Social Care

Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week

RE – Philosophy & Ethics

Minimum of 5 hours per week

Home-School Communication

Tuesday 2nd February 2021 - Remote Learning Update

Dear Parent/Carer, 

I hope you and your family remain safe and well. 

This week, Year 13 will continue to complete formal internal assessments. I know the teachers of Year 13 are pleased with the mature way in which students approached the assessments last week and teachers continue to be impressed with Year 13 students’ motivation and hard work in the remote learning environment. These assessments, along with future internal assessments set by subject teachers, may be used by the school to form judgements relating to the final grades students are awarded in the summer at the end of their Post-16 studies. 

Please be assured that the school will continue to monitor student engagement with remote learning and we will contact you if there are any concerns and offer support to our students.

Also, this week, students are invited to join a live form period with their Form Tutor. This is taking place on Wednesday 3rd February at 9.50. Information regarding how students should join the lesson will be posted in Google Classroom.

In relation to the awarding of A Level, BTEC and CACHE qualifications and exams this year, the Ofqual consultation closed at the end of last week and pleased be reassured that we will update you about examinations and grading as soon as we know what the procedure is. In the meantime, students should continue to engage fully in all aspects of remote learning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Byrne, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Director of 6th Form, at following email:

My thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Rogers

Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum

Friday 15th January 2021 - Summer Examinations and Formal Internal Assessments

Dear Parent/Carer, 

I would like to commend Year 13 students for their engagement in remote learning and live lessons since the new lockdown was introduced at the beginning of this month. I appreciate that this is a worrying and unsettling time for both students and parents/carers. Please be reassured that the school is committed to providing the best remote learning to enable students to complete their KS5 courses. 

Summer examinations: 

You will be aware that last week, the Prime Minister announced that A Level examinations would not take place this summer. Schools are still waiting for confirmation from Ofqual regarding the system for awarding grades. We will inform you when the information has been shared with schools. It is important that all students continue to engage everyday with remote learning by attending live lessons, completing work set by their teachers and uploading work into Google Classroom. Teachers will continue to assess the progress being made by students by marking completed work and assessments and by assessing progress in live lessons, where appropriate. We will ensure that students are not penalised by changes made by the Government to the exam system.

Formal Internal Assessments:

From Monday 25th January to Friday 4th February, students will complete virtual formal internal assessments. Students will be expected to complete assessments during their designated lesson(s), supervised by their subject teacher with their cameras switched on. Assessments must be submitted in Google Classroom to enable teachers to mark the completed assessments. Teachers will inform students when the assessments are taking place via Google Classroom. There will be no lessons (apart from when the scheduled internal assessment(s) take place) during the week of Monday 25th January. This will give students time to revise and prepare for their assessments. Lessons will resume w/c Monday 5th February after the assessment(s) has been completed in a subject. 

Please be assured that the school is monitoring students’ engagement with their remote learning and we will contact you if there are any concerns and offer support to our students. 

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Byrne, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Director of 6th Form at the email address below:

My thanks for your continued support. 

Mrs Rogers

Deputy Headteacher