Year 12 Remote Education

On this page you will find a comprehensive list of all the subjects being studied by our year 12 students and a link to the topics that they will be covering each term. There are also links to  online platforms that will be used as part of our remote education provision.

A Guide for Parents and Carers

A remote learning guide for parents/carers of students in KS5.

A Guide for Students

A remote learning guide for students in KS5.

How can students access remote education?

All class work will be set in Google Classroom.


What type of work will be set?

Teachers will set the same topic and work linked to what is being delivered in school. Teachers may also upload recordings of themselves teaching a lesson or concept. Depending on the situation, students may also be invited to join live lessons taking place in school, virtually via Zoom or Google Meet (the information will be posted in Google Classroom where necessary). 


When should work be completed?

If students are well and able to complete work at home, they should log onto Google Classroom from home when they have their normal timetabled lesson for each subject (timetables can be found in the Student Planner). Teachers will upload the work before the lesson is due to start so that students can complete their class work at the same time as the other students who are in the lesson.


For example, if a student has English period one on Tuesday, the student should access their English Google Classroom during the normal lesson time and complete the class work set by their teacher. 


Homework and Assessments:

Homework tasks and assessments will be set on Google Classroom. Students in school may be asked to hand in completed work in person but if working from home they will need to upload their completed work within Google Classroom. 


How will work be assessed?

Completed work needs to be uploaded into Google Classroom, and it will be marked by the class teacher (unless work has been set using an online platform such Hegarty Maths or The Everlearner).

Art & Design

Minimum of 5 hours per week

Business Studies

Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 15 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week

Design Technology

Minimum of 5 hours per week

Food Technology


Minimum of 5 hours per week

Health and Social Care

Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week


Minimum of 5 hours per week

RE – Philosophy & Ethics

Minimum of 5 hours per week