Revision & Support Sessions

Year 11 Support Sessions, Saturday Sessions and Half-Term Revision

All Year 11 students have been issued with an important booklet in regards to preparing effectively for their upcoming GCSE examinations. The booklet includes:
  • A summary of the extensive support sessions taking place in school at lunch time and after school
  • A timetable of Saturday sessions and half-term revision
  • Key dates and events
  • Information about recommended study materials

Click here to download the Year 11 Extra-Curricular Support Sessions (PDF)

Year 11 Home-School Study Programme

From Monday 29th April, PSHCE, RE, Study Skills and PE lessons will become personal revision sessions supervised by your usual teachers. You need to ensure that you have revision material for these lessons.

There are 2 parts of your revision programme in the lead up to the examinations:-

Part 1: From Monday 29th April – Friday 24th May 2019, the school based exam and revision programme will run.

During this time, you must attend Form Time and all lessons as usual UNLESS you have an exam or a masterclass in one of your subjects.

Part 2: From Monday 3rd June 2019 the home-school based exam and revision programme begins.

  • There will be no form period from Monday 3rd June 2019. You must continue to attend all lessons at the normal times apart from PSHCE, RE, Study Skills and PE unless you have an Exam or a Masterclass.
  • After you have taken all of the exams in a subject, you no longer need to attend the lessons for that subject.
  • From Monday 3rd June 2019, you should arrive in time for Period 1 at 9.00am or earlier, if you have a breakfast revision masterclass.
  • If you have a morning exam, you should be seated in the Sports Hall by 8.45am.
  • When you arrive at school, use the MAIN ENTRANCE and sign in at the registration desk in the foyer.
  • There will be rooms available should your parents/carers require you to be in school at the usual time 8.30am.

If you have a morning exam you must be in the Sports Hall by 8.45am. If you have an afternoon exam you must be in the Sports Hall by 1.15pm.

You will only be able to take part in this programme if you have your reply slip signed by a parent/carer and return it to school. If you do not do this or your parent/carer says that you cannot study at home from 3rd June 2019, you will be expected in school as normal (8.30am to 3.20pm) until Monday 17th June 2019.

There will be 2 notice boards in Main Reception, detailing the day’s arrangements for:-

  1. Examination arrangements.
  2. Revision masterclasses, lessons and quiet rooms available for private study.

You should check both carefully, each day.

The key for how this document works is shown below:

All sessions are compulsory, but you attend in the order shown above.

You are still on the school roll so are expected to attend when required.

Normal attendance procedures apply for illness.



Letter from the Headteacher

Introduction to the Year 11 Home-School Study Programme

Year 11 Summer 2019 Exams, Revision and Masterclass Programme