Physical Education

The broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum at Weatherhead enables all students to enjoy and succeed in physical activity. Our dedication to participation and performance allows us to develop the WHOLE child in EVERY child and we aim to provide opportunities that will develop knowledge, skills, values and confidence and to foster a life-long love of physical activity in all students.
Miss Faulkner

Head of PE


At Weatherhead High School, Physical Education will develop the student through physical, social and psychological well being. Skills and attributes will be taught through activities which students will adopt and take with them through their progressive stages of their life to ensure they become a well rounded individual and embrace a healthy active lifestyle.

With our broad and balanced inclusive curriculum students will learn the fundamentals of team building, resilience, communication, respect and leadership. They will experience a wide range of sporting activities where they have the opportunity to enjoy, compete and progress not only through lessons but through extra curricular links, competitive fixtures/events and extended opportunities. Students will be encouraged to join sports clubs outside of school to fulfill their skill level and compete with other young people all wanting to achieve the same goal within their chosen field. It is the role of our PE Teachers to enable our students to find their chosen activities by providing opportunities, but most of all to develop a love and passion for this.

The ultimate aim is for students to engage in their learning and achieve success no matter their starting point to become sporting enthusiasts. We will promote mass participation with high expectations through a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere with a broad and balanced curriculum. We enable a breadth of opportunities from more traditional sports to more popular up and coming activities including rowing, cycling, running, cricket and tennis to name a few.. The relationship between student and teacher is paramount and our lessons will be fun and enjoyable to acquire that budding mind.

Our extensive extra curricular programme will offer progression to train at a higher level with not only our specialist PE staff but by also using external coaches to support competition at regional and national level. The intention being to provide new opportunities and to increase skill level.

Students will be stretched and challenged through high quality teaching and learning. We follow the National Curriculum with coherently planned and sequenced lessons to enable scaffolded learning. Lessons will be inclusive, and progress is to be celebrated within using our reward scheme on a daily basis. Weatherhead thrive from recognising effort and endeavour within the annual Sports Awards Evening which is highly attended and welcomed by staff, students and parents and carers. We recognise not only attainment but the personal development journey of all students.

As leadership is a fundamental quality to attain we enable our learners to undertake qualifications through the Sporting Ambassador scheme and Sports Leadership Level 1 and 2. At Key stage 4 students will have the opportunity to take Physical Education at GCSE encompassing both theoretical and practical elements. Students can apply all of their KS3 knowledge to encourage the how and why and develop those inquisitive minds. At KS5 students can then follow a pathway with the BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Sport or A Level Physical Education. Both prepare learners for a higher stage of learning and into a pathway of coaching, fitness, sports science, health and education in this ever growing Industry. Weatherhead has a very successful history with students following a career in sport following their Further Education studies.



In PE we have designed a curriculum to ensure progression from key stage 2 to encompass a wide range of sports and activities. The modules are designed in preparation for key stage 4 and 5, in addition to making the curriculum as stimulating and exciting to target mass participation and enjoyment. Through trialling new activities, profiling more up and coming sporting activities and using external coaches we have embraced a more modernised curriculum to enable achievement and enjoyment in addition to providing opportunities to compete both intra-school and inter-school at progressive levels. Through a strong partnership with The School Games PE ensures competitions are attended at local regional and national level and learners develop the confidence and understanding in how to compete across all levels demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship.

Schemes of work, resources and equipment have been updated to support quality first teaching and a new Assessment model implemented to enable students to make significant progress through their cognitive understanding, levels of respect and resilience in addition to their physical capability. Modules are studied over nine weeks at key stage 3 and 4 and following completion of units students are assessed through a head, hand and heart model. Checking for understanding, scaffolding and cementing learning is key and feedback is provided to students through a variety of means to enable a better understanding and progression.

Reading materials are used purposefully to facilitate students’ learning. The implementation of literacy in PE across the curriculum will increase oracy skills and understanding of current related topics for discussion. It also enables our students to become more familiar with different use of text and sports specific language. Remote Learning will continue to be a strength across the key stages and topic learning and understanding will be checked and monitored through formative and summative assessment. We will ensure stretch and challenge and keep providing a supportive network to our learners. Communication to all parties is fundamental and remains a strength in the PE department.

Units studied at Level 3 with the BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport have been carefully devised to allow a practical application of learning in addition to enabling students to complete one coursework module and one examination unit per year. With staff commitment to continuing their CPD we have enabled QFT and sourced more up to date and interactive resources, in addition to providing more external support with Professionals from the Sporting Industry supporting interviews and imparting their knowledge.

New activities including rowing, cycling and couch to 5km/10km projects will provide opportunities for students to embrace something that they may not have had the chance to experience embracing a capital culture for learning.

With a new structure to the Sports Council we will enable more opportunities for our students across all key stages with a proactive student voice and line of communication between students and leaders/ambassadors. Through our newly designed Leadership scheme we hope to encourage more PE Ambassadors across the next year which again will raise confidence amongst our young people.

Sports Day and Interform competitions are another way to celebrate and endure our sporting youngsters. We see collaboration, resilience and team spirit at its best for students competing within their form groups against their peers with that overall aim of healthy competition and pride of placing. These events create a “buzz” across the School and are very much days which students remember. We have scheduled more frequent use of Interform competitions across the year both in and out of curriculum time and ensured we are enabling our sixth form students to engage in healthy competition with external fixtures scheduled across different sports.

We enable personal development of students by competing through both Intra school and Inter-school competitions. By developing students’ confidence level we progress to regional and national competition and always enter our young people for each progressive stage. It is fundamental for students to experience the strive to progress and stricter levels of competition. Success is celebrated throughout school with pictures uploaded after each competitive fixture or event of the team, shout outs are provided to Head of Year assemblies and postcards and stickers are used in abundance across all age groups. Most importantly it is recognising the endeavour and overcoming personal barriers that are really highlighted. We believe in the power of a positive phone-call home, sending a recognition letter as well as awarding trophies and medals.


PE will contribute in continuing  to be a World Class School.

Students will embrace new challenges across their Physical Education in and out of curriculum time to become more confident, able, resilient young people with a clear understanding of everything that underpins our curriculum .  This includes their skill level, resilience, respect, personal development, interpersonal skills, communication and leadership.

Based on the range of activities taught; numbers attending extra curricular clubs will increase and students will enjoy their learning, and embrace new activities.  There will be a successful and vibrant PE extra curricular programme with an extensive fixtures and competition timetable across local and regional level across all ages.  Students will reach a higher sporting ability and become role models for younger year groups to aspire to, even returning to Weatherhead at our annual Sports Awards Evening to relay their personal sporting journey.

PE will see more Ambassadors gain their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards across key stage 3 and 4 which will develop leadership and commitment across all areas of their learnings as well as developing confident young people to prepare them for their future careers in whichever field they choose.  Combining these qualities in addition to students embracing their learning and increasing their skill level will impact on the number of students choosing GCSE and Further Education courses in Physical Education and Sport.  

PE will be a beacon for the School.  This will be achieved through competition results, the amount of competitions we embrace across the year for all years, the achievement it will bring and all culminating in those extra activities which bring so much “colour” to Weatherhead High School – Interform, Santa Dash, Race for life and our annual Sports Day.

PE will support students to achieve their full potential in examination classes underpinned with a love of sport and Physical Education to take into Higher Education and lifelong physical activity.  Students will understand the opportunities available to them within sporting careers and local clubs available to develop their skill level and love of sport further.  Students who leave Weathehead will seek Higher Education and employment within a sporting/coaching/health/education field with a well rounded knowledge of what this will entail.  We look forward to welcoming them back to embrace their journey which all began from a love of sport and activity.


  • Sports Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Astro-turf Pitch
  • Four Netball Courts
  • Four Tennis Courts
  • Large grassed area for Outdoor Education with a built Assault Course
  • Fitness Suite
  • Changing facilities with individual showers


A wide range of extra-curricular clubs are offered to students of all abilities and they are actively encouraged to attend. A substantial number of students play competitive games within the school in Inter-Form and Rounders tournaments. Others play for the school teams, competing with schools on Wirral and further afield, with notable success nationally in Football, Gym and Trampolining.

Sports Council

The Sports Council is hugely successful in encouraging pupils to become involved in whole school initiatives regarding Physical Education and Sport. We have a Head Sports Captain from Year 13 and they are supported by fellow Year 12 and 13 students. They work very closely with the PE Department to help arrange and organise events such as Interform and Sports Day.

School Games Award

Weatherhead’s commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education was recognised with the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark, a Government led awards scheme.

Weatherhead’s commitment to the promotion of sport and physical education was once again recognised by the Government led awards scheme, School Games Mark.

The broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum at Weatherhead enables all students to enjoy and succeed in physical activity. Our dedication to participation and performance allows us to develop the WHOLE child in EVERY child and we aim to provide opportunities that will develop knowledge, skills, values and confidence and to foster a life-long love of physical activity in all students.
Miss Faulkner

Head of PE

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