Spanish KS3

Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
Introductions and family
– Personal information (name, age, birthday)
– Physical description
– Family
– Relationships with family

Spring Term:
Home and Local area
– Location
– Describing your house
– Places in town
– Saying what you can do in your area
– Weekend plans

Summer Term:
School life
– Facilities
– Subjects
– Uniform
– Plans for the future

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
Free Time
– Free time activities and opinions
– Technology
– Television
– Cinema
– Music
– Going out

Spring Term:
Food and Healthy Living
– Food
– A special meal
– Sports
– Illness and injury
– In the chemist
– Health improvements

Summer Term:
My holidays
– Where do you go
– Accommodation
– Activities
– Last summer
– Disaster holiday
– Future holidays
– Hotel bookings

Year 9 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
Self, family and friends
– Physical descriptions
– Personality
– Family
– Family relationships
– Friends
– Weekend plans
– Future plans – marriage/partnership

Spring Term:
Free time and technology
– Cinema
– Music
– TV
– Sport
– Food and eating out

Summer Term:
School and Future plans
– School facilities
– Subjects
– Teachers
– A day in school/A school trip
– Future plans – jobs/university


Assessment & Monitoring

Each half term, your daughter will begin a new topic which will encompass a range of listening, reading, writing and spoken language skills.

For listening, your daughter will regularly listen and work with native spoken recordings. She will be immersed in the target language by her teacher during lesson time which will significantly develop her confidence and improve her ability to distinguish new sounds and pick out key information.

For reading, your daughter will read and respond to a range of Spanish texts including stories and poems. She will be able to use a bilingual dictionary and be given opportunities to develop independent research skills using ICT.

Your daughter will develop her writing skills in the target language and will be assessed regularly through extended pieces of writing where she will be expected to include key grammatical concepts, give opinions and correctly include appropriate and new vocabulary covered in class.

Your daughter will regularly be given opportunities to express and justify her opinions in Spanish.  In her spoken work, she will be expected to include key grammar points and include a range of language and vocabulary.

Regular assessment of all four skills will take place within lessons and formal assessments will be carried out at the end of each term. Students will also be expected to learn new vocabulary and spelling and will be tested on a weekly basis.


Throughout Key Stage 3, there are a range homework clubs at lunchtime and after school, where support is available to ensure that your daughter can complete homework tasks with confidence and to the very best of her ability.


In preparation for Key Stage 3 Spanish assessments, your daughter can access the following websites for extra support:

Your daughter can also access vocabulary lists and grammar support for the different topics via the school’s VLE.

MFL Department

Teaching team, support, facilities and extra-curricular opportunities.