Art & Design KS3

Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 
Pick and Mix – This is an observational drawing based project aimed at improving practical drawing skills. Students will study colour theory whilst learning to use paint by looking at inspirational artists such as Sarah Graham and Wayne Thiebaud.

Spring Term: 
What’s in a building? Students look to architecture from around the world for creative inspiration. Architects such as Hundertwasser and Gaudi are used to inform their artwork. Textile and printing skills are explored throughout this project

Summer Term:
Recreating Landscapes – This project involves studying the student’s surroundings. The work of a variety of Landscape Artists such as David Hockney and Paul Klee are used to inspire paintings, drawings and collages.

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 
Objects From Unusual Viewpoints – This is primarily a drawing and painting module where students look at the Cubist movement and learn from artists such as Picasso, Braque and Gris. The focus is on proportion, 3D drawing, collage, painting, tone and texture.

Spring Term:
Creative Creatures – This is a textile based project where students are introduced to animation. They develop their own characters and storylines which are later made into 3D fabric creatures. Students learn a range of fabric and textile techniques.

Summer Term:  
Aboriginal – Inspiration is taken from Aboriginal artwork, this projects is based on the symbolism and imagery found within this culture. Mixed media and 3D work is completed based on Aboriginal Art.

Year 9 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
Life Events – Students look at significant events from their own lifetime and study Picasso’s Guernica to compare with an historical event. World war One provides imagery and context to develop individual collages and paintings

Spring Term:
Multi-Cultural – A wide range of cultures from around the world inspire this mixed media project. Students are informed by a range of pattern and ornamentation that they creatively combine using a colourful range of techniques.

Summer Term:
Public Art – Students are introduced to renowned works of art displayed around the world and locally. This project provides the opportunity for students to work together on a collaborate piece of art.


Assessment & Monitoring

At the start of Year 7, students are given a benchmark test. This is a drawing and research based test that runs over two lessons. The purpose is to give an outline of prior learning and to gauge attainment. Students are given an end of year and end of KS3 target which is monitored regularly.

In each classroom we have a display board illustrating the levels of achievement in Art so that students can see clearly how to reach the next level. All work is marked using these levels to raise attainment and in accordance with the National Curriculum.

Each year throughout KS3 students are individually assessed on sketchbook work and final outcomes at the end of each project. Targets for improvement are given throughout the year to raise achievement.

Students achieving Level 6 plus at the end of KS3 are encouraged to consider studying Fine Art / Textiles at GCSE level.


Individual Art rooms are available in a range of lunchtime clubs for students to continue with practical work outside of lesson. We encourage all students to continue to explore and develop their skills at home and to visit local exhibitions and galleries to give them a broader understanding of the subject.


Individual Art rooms are fully stocked with a range of art materials, visual aides and resources for students to access.

Art & Design Department

Teaching team, support, facilities and extra-curricular opportunities.