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English KS3

Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 
– Cirque du Freak-A Twisted Tale

Spring Term: 
– Victorian Monsters
– Real Reads

Summer Term:
– Much Ado About Nothing

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 
– Frankenstein

Spring Term:
– Representations of Women
– Reading Through Time

Summer Term:  
– Lord of the Flies

Year 9 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
– Romeo and Juliet

Spring Term:
– Love and Relationships Poetry

Summer Term:
– The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde / A Christmas Carol


Assessment & Monitoring

Each term, your child will begin a new scheme of work which encompasses a range of reading, writing and spoken language skills used in a variety of contexts.

For reading, this will incorporate the study of poetry, drama and fictional texts which promote the literary canon and aim to foster a love of literature. Your child will study the contextual influences of different genres, classic authors and practise skills in literary analysis and criticism. Formal assessments will take place each term through extended pieces of writing.

Your child will also practise a range of writing skills designed to understand and appreciate the writer’s craft including: setting, atmosphere and character. They will be encouraged to develop their technical accuracy through: ambitious vocabulary choices; the manipulation of sentence structures for different effects; a controlled use of punctuation, a confident grasp of grammar and attention to detail in relation to spelling. Assessment will take place in the form of extended pieces of writing and regular literacy tests.

In addition to the prescribed schemes of work, students will undertake daily starter activities during English lessons which focus on five important concepts of literacy: spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and inference. These will be tracked throughout the year and assessed each term. These scores are available to view in your child’s English book and will enable you to monitor their progress throughout Key Stage 3 and help their target the relevant areas for revision.


Throughout Key Stage 3, there are a range of homework clubs at lunchtime, where support is available to ensure that your child can complete homework tasks to the best possible standard or seek clarification.

Form time intervention takes place on a weekly basis with students receiving extra support for reading and spelling.


In preparation for end of Key Stage 3 tests, you and your child can access support through (details in planners) and the Weatherhead Literacy website.

If you have problems accessing at home, the homework clubs are the ideal opportunity to access the internet in school.

Recommended reading lists are also available from class teachers to support each scheme of work. Most of these titles can be found in the Learning Resource Centre.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Throughout Key Stage 3, there are a variety of fun and engaging extra-curricular clubs available at lunchtime. The extra-curricular clubs will encourage your child to work with students from other year groups and to form new friendships and include:

– Harry Potter Club
– Big Read
– Homework Support
– Debate Club
– Creative Writing
– Stanza Bonanza (poetry club)
– 16 Classics Before 16

For the latest extra-curricular clubs programme, please visit our whole school extra curricular clubs page.

English Department

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