School App

Our school app is designed to give parents, carers and students access to the latest school news and events in a mobile friendly format.

The app is free to download, easy to use and will give you instant access to:

  • View the school calendar and make it more relevant to you by using the calendar filters
  • Save events to your personal calendar
  • Receive important messages
  • View the school news

The app is available for Apple and Android devices and you can download it now, for free, from iTunes and Google Play. Search for School App for Parents in your app store.

TOP TIP: customise the app! Once you’ve downloaded the app you can select which message groups and events you would like to read about. By default you will be a part of all groups. Under Messaging click on Message Groups/cog icon and deselect any that are not of interest to you.  Under Information select Calendar filters/filters icon and deselect any groups that are not of interest to you.


How to Use the App

At the bottom (iPhone) / top (Android) of the screen there are five tabs:



See a summary of the latest news and today’s events. The latest five news items can be scrolled through to view the headlines, you can click on the headline to view the full news story. You can click on an event and it will take you to the full details.



This can be viewed in two ways; as Month to View or List View. You can switch between these views using the icons in navigation bar at the top of the page.

When using the Month To View, a date marked by a dot indicates that there is an event on that day. If you tap on that date, you will see the event appear below the calendar. Tap any event to see more detailed information and a map of the event location (if applicable).

In the List View, you can scroll through all this month’s events, in date order. Again, you can tap any event to see more detailed information and a map of the event location (if applicable).

You can even import an event into your personal calendar from the app, by selecting the import icon. Please note that if an event is altered in this calendar it will not change the details in your personal calendar unless you re-import the data.



This shows you all the messages from Weatherhead. Within this section you can assign yourself to personalised message groups, simply click on message groups to activate and deactivate which messages you would like to see.



This shows all the latest stories from Weatherhead. If you tap on any news item you will be able to see more detail.



In this tab we share our contact details, important documents, newsletters and links to the school website for more information. You can also share the app via email and social media.


On this screen, in the top right, click on Calendar Filters to select the events you would like to view in the calendar.