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Most Able Provision

The curriculum at Weatherhead is designed to meet the needs of all learners. This includes our Most Able cohort – students who perform highly at both KS2 and in the MidYIS tests at the start of Year 7.  Most Able students are those with the highest academic potential with a strong drive to progress to university.

The Most Able programme at Weatherhead is robust and comprehensive, with aspects that take place both in and outside of the classroom. All aspects of the Most Able programme are outlined below.

Our next event:

Year 5 Maths Masterclass

Saturday 25th November 2023

This is a FREE EVENT, with lunch provided, supervised and run by Weatherhead staff. Numbers are limited to 30 and will be allocated on a ‘first come’ basis so sign up now to reserve a place! Parents/carers must drop off and collect children and complete a consent form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Teaching and Learning


To embed a curriculum that is driven by challenge and rigour, and that meets the needs of all students in order to secure their success.



We will utilise the very latest research and evidence-based practice to ensure the highest quality of Teaching and Learning for all students across the entire curriculum.


All students will have access to the highest-quality lessons, led by expert teachers, and will experience challenge and rigour that guides them to success at every Key Stage.



To foster an aspirational, high-achieving environment which strives for academic success beyond the core curriculum.



We will continue to build on the Latin provision as a cornerstone of the Most Able provision, offering the Most Able cohort an additional GCSE in Latin by the end of Year 9.


Most Able students will have the opportunity to experience the challenge of Latin, and have regular access to a subject specialist who will help them to achieve success outside of their core lessons.

Latin Results – 2022

Our brilliant cohort of Year 9 and 10 students received their Latin GCSE results this summer. All 11 students secured a grade, with 64% achieving grades 4-7. We are immensely proud of the organisation, hard work and dedication that students showed throughout the course.

Scholars Programme


To promote the challenge and ambition of higher education by fostering a culture of academic aspiration and independence.



We will continue to work with The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme as a way for our Most Able cohort to experience higher education and strengthen their academic aspirations.


Students will be immersed in a challenging academic environment, engage in their own research, and work with university tutors to develop their essay-writing ability.

More information about The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme can be found here.

Most Able students who continue to perform highly and attend Weatherhead Sixth Form will be considered for Weatherhead’s own Scholars’ Programme – a mentoring programme that provides application support for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. Since 2020, the Sixth Form Scholars’ Programme has supported 70 Most Able students with successful university applications, with 61% of these students going on to Oxford, Cambridge or Russell Group Universities. More information can be found here.



To open students up to experiences beyond the classroom and encourage them to actively engage in conversations about their future prospects.



Most Able students will be invited to engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that expose them to a variety of experiences and future pathways.


Students will be supported to reflect on their aspirations and potential pathways and use this as motivation to achieve academic success.

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Mr Clark

Most Able Provision Co-ordinator


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