International Links

Weatherhead is proud to be a school developing and promoting international links.

Having a global perspective adds value on so many levels within an educational context and for our students’ personal development, in terms of widening horizons and experiences and learning from diverse cultures.

We are pleased to share here the many programmes and initiatives that Weatherhead support to create a truly international perspective for our students.

The Comenius International Programme

Comenius is one of the most popular international education programmes for UK schools, colleges and local authorities.

Weatherhead is pleased to have hosted two Comenius Assistants at the school. These teaching professionals contribute in many ways to the school programme and add a very important international aspect to the understanding and education of our students.

In 2013 Weatherhead was joined by Polish Assistant, Magda Salamon.

Magda brought much to the school working with Polish students supporting their English language development, as well as cross curricular programmes across history, politics and media. A highly successful programme was a Skype exchange with teenagers from a school in Lowicz, central Poland. Our Year 12 English language students experienced first hand the challenges for foreign students learning English as a foreign language, as well as enriching their own education appreciating different countries and cultures.

In 2014, we welcomed Nelson Ribeiro from Portugal.

From the facts below we can see that the Portuguese language and business, trade and export opportunities with Portuguese speaking countries are significant growth areas. Not to mention the excitement around the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil for a school with a sporting excellence such as ours, and a championship winning U13 football squad.

Watch out for more details of a Portuguese language club and other European cultural promoting initiatives.