Christmas Round-up

20 December 2022 | School News

Our students have been busy in the run up to Christmas and the end of term. Here’s a round-up of what they’ve been up to…

Congratulations to the winners of the Bake-Off

Lots of creative and tasty looking entries for this term’s Bake-Off competition making the judging harder than ever but after much deliberation, here are our winners:

First Place: Hope, 9API

Second Place: Pola, 9TG

Third Place: Ceilia, 7MMC

Congratulations to everyone who entered, you should be incredibly proud.

Congratulations to the winners of Elf on the Shelf

Some entertaining entries from KS3. Here are the winners…





Everything Else

There have been lots of final week celebrations for students to take part in.  It’s been a busy end to the term and, for the Year 11 students, a perfect way to wind down after their mock exams.

Interform netball took place for all year groups and here are the winning teams:

1st place – 7CAS
2nd Place – 7KEV
3rd place – 7NCL

1st place 8ZEL
2nd place 8SBG
3rd place 8EWT
4th place 8SA

1st place 9CB
2nd place 9TG
3rd place 9CHY

1st place – 10JMW
2nd place – 10RO
3rd place – 10EOL

1st place – 11RHN
2nd place – 11ACA/11CHA combined
3rd place – 11LF/11CDN combined

Fifteen members of our Senior Choir visited the Mariners Park Care Home for a sing along with their fabulous residents and staff; students got to enjoy an afternoon off timetable to watch a movie in the theatre; the canteen made a delicious Christmas lunch; KS4 and 5 students were treated to a lively game of bingo and our talented singers, dancers, musicians and gymnasts put on an entertaining show for Weatherhead’s Got Talent.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. For those in need of support over the holidays, please visit: