World Book Day 2021

8 March 2021 | School News

World Book Day celebrations took place on Thursday 4th March and the English team and Learning Resource Centre Manager, Miss Grainger, took this year’s event online. 

LRC Reading Roundup

Reading Roundup is the LRC’s weekly newsletter and this edition was a World Book Day special packed with information about this year’s £1 books, a link to download a digital token, and loads of activities to take part in. Take a look at:

The ‘Masked Reader’

English teachers and Miss Grainger recorded themselves reading an extract from their favourite books and students tried to guess who the teachers were ‘under the mask/filter’.  Watch it here (answers below):

Did you guess the 'masked readers' correctly?



1.     The Doughnut

Miss Edwards

2.     The Kitten

Mrs Jones

3.     The Ice Cream

Mrs Deeble

4.     The Pampered Lady

Miss Byrne-Watts

5.     The Egg

Miss Jones

6.     The Frog

Mrs O’Keefe

7.     The Windswept Cat

Mr Pierce

8.     The Wotsit

Miss Crawford

9.     The Broccoli

Miss Hardy

10. The Heavily Bearded Man

Mr Owen

11. Baby Yoda

Miss Grainger

12. The Selfie Cat

Miss Nelson

13. Mike Wazowski

Miss Thomason

14. The Kitten #2

Miss Sarson

15. The Pineapple

Miss Bate

16. The Wizard

Miss Evans

The ‘Shelfie’

Students were invited to guess the teacher by their bookcase. How well do you know your English teachers? Can you spot any books you’ve read?

World Book Day is celebrated annually on 4th March in over 100 countries around the world! For more information, please visit: