September’s Artist of the Month

9 October 2020 | School News

Our September Artist of the month competition asked students to respond to the theme ‘nature magnified’. Students were encouraged to zoom in on elements of nature that you would not see unless you looked closely! Drawn, painted and photographic entries were all accepted. Photography was a popular response with many of the winning entries documenting nature through the lens.

Congratulations to KS3 winner Jay (9LRI) and runners up Freya (8CK) and Alisaa (9RHN).


Congratulations to KS4 winner Mollie (11JP).

Congratulations to KS5 winner Charlotte (12SFU) and runners up Amber (12SFU) and Zoe (12CT).


Will you be October’s ‘Artist of the Month’?

This month we are asking you to respond to the theme ‘Portraiture’. A portrait can capture someone’s face or a section of someone’s face – you choose. You can enter a drawing, a painting, a collage or a photograph. Your digital entries can be manipulated if you want.  There will be prizes for winners and runners up in KS3, KS4 and KS5 categories.
Good luck!

All art competitions can be entered via Google Classroom. Join with class code: lfqgkqh