Book Fair 2020

10 March 2020 | School News

The Scholastic Book Fair is in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) all week and will be open for students to browse/buy books and stationery at break and lunch time (last chance to buy is Friday 13th March).

There is a huge selection of books, from amazing classics and great value packs, to exciting brand new releases and TV show tie-ins! More great news – Miss Grainger can currently offer £1 discount off the displayed price of any book/book set (does not include stationery/posters)!

Payments can be made by cash in the LRC (your child will receive a receipt), by credit/debit card via phone payment (your child then collects their items from the LRC the next day), or by credit/debit card to purchase printable gift vouchers online (then used to pay in the LRC).

Instructions for phone payments:


  • Ask your child to collect a phone payment slip from the LRC. This has details of the number to call.
  • When you phone, you will be asked for your card details, the school I.D. number (which will be written on the payment slip), and the amount you wish to pay (if your child has requested a specific item the price will be written on the payment slip).
  • You will be given a transaction number – please write this (and the amount paid) on the payment slip.
  • Get your child to return the payment slip to the LRC the next day, and they can then collect their items up to the value paid.


Instructions for Book Fair Gift Tokens:

(Please read terms and conditions at the bottom of this article, and please note NO CHANGE CAN BE GIVEN FOR VOUCHERS)

  • Buying a pre-paid gift voucher gives you 20% extra free to spend at the Book Fair – e.g. you get a £6 voucher for only £5.
  • To purchase gift vouchers for the book fair go to
  • Select the value voucher you require and click ‘Buy’.
  • Click ‘Checkout’ at the top right-hand corner of the screen and follow the instructions.
  • You will be prompted to enter the school name or postcode (‘Weatherhead High Sch for Girls’ or ‘CH443HS’) and select the school from the drop-down list.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your billing information and payment details.
  • The voucher will be emailed to you – you will need to print it off.
  • Make sure your child brings the voucher to the LRC the next day to make their purchases.


Before making a purchase, please read this important information:

Book Fair Gift Vouchers Terms and Conditions

  1. Book Fair Gift Vouchers are email vouchers only. You will receive the voucher in your email once the process is complete. They are only valid with an accompanying serial number.
  2. Book Fair Gift Vouchers can be purchased from eight weeks before a Book Fair’s start date, up until midnight on the day before the Book Fair is collected.
  3. Book Fair Gift Vouchers must be redeemed at the Scholastic Book Fair or Travelling Book Fair listed on the email you received confirming your purchase.
  4. All Book Fair Gift Vouchers have a cash redemption value of 0.001p.
  5. Change cannot be given with Book Fair Gift Vouchers. We do supply low cost items such as stationery if the books total isn’t enough. If a child can’t find items to use up their voucher, please contact us for assistance.
  6. Book Fair Gift Vouchers expire at the end of your school’s Book Fair. If for any reason your child cannot attend the Book Fair, book purchases can be made by calling 0800 212 281 up to a week after the Book Fair has left the school.
  7. Book Fair Gift Vouchers are not transferable.
  8. Cash refunds will not be permitted for items purchased with Book Fair Gift Vouchers. Your statutory rights will not be affected.
  9. Book Fair Gift Vouchers cannot be used on Scholastic Book Clubs or Scholastic online shops.