Mad Science Day 2019

4 July 2019 | School News

Year 7 enjoyed an action-packed day of experiments and activities as part of Weatherhead’s ‘Mad Science Day’ on Friday 28th June. The day started with a show from the Mad Science team involving dry ice bubbles, a genie in a bottle and an exploding didgeridoo.

In Potions Class, students were sorted into their Hogwarts house by Professors Reid and Mealor before concocting an exploding polyjuice potion by mixing Dragon blood, Unicorn Horn powder, Worm Guts, crushed Dragon Bones and Basilisk venom. To end the session students used their magical skills to make a dragon egg bath bomb.

The Bubble Magic Class saw students create huge bubbles before setting their teachers hands on fire and the Bangs and Burning session investigated the science of fireworks and explosions. As part of the Angry Birds Space Egg Challenge, students had to design a parachute to safely land their Angry bird egg in one piece. Rocket power involved a competition to see whose rocket could fly the highest.  One of the highlights of the day was when the students were able to make their own gooey slime before finishing with the icy cold Nitrotastic show where students got to experiment with liquid nitrogen.