Year 8 Public Speaking Competition

15 May 2019 | School News

Students from Year 8 participated in a Public Speaking competition, presenting to a packed theatre of their peers on a topic of their choosing. The turnout was outstanding as students turned up at lunchtime to support their year group. The eight finalists spoke confidently about their subjects which included LGBTQ+, Animal Testing, Gender Inequality and Tackling Period Poverty.
The finalists were:
1. Freya – LGBTQ+
2. Ellen – Ballet
3. Holly – The Pressure Faced by Pupils
4. Becca – Smellery
5. Molly – Animal Testing
6. Grace – Gender Inequality
7. Olivia – Animal Testing
8. Madison – Tackling Period Poverty
The overall winner was Madison: her speech was absolutely fantastic and she presented with such eloquence and conviction.