Year 8 Parental Survey 2018-19

25 January 2019 | Parent Surveys, School News

Year 8 parents and carers were invited to complete a survey about their child’s time at Weatherhead High School so far this academic year. The survey was conducted at the autumn term parents’ evening and we received 132 responses – thank you.

We want to thank those participants for taking the time to complete the survey and to share the results with the Weatherhead School Community.

Standout Quotes

“You show it is not always about results but about the girls as a whole and preparing them for life.”

“Pleased with the response when we have had concerns to raise. The school has addressed these quickly and sensitively which has been a tremendous help to our daughter.”

“So far my daughters time at Weatherhead has been awesome.”

“[my daughter] has matured so much. She is very organised and self-motivated, which is great to see. She has extra support in Maths which I’m very happy about.”

“The school dealt with our concerns very well.”

“I have recommended the school to other parents.”

“Cannot speak highly enough of Weatherhead.”

“Keep doing what you are doing.”

“Every time I have spoken to a teacher about concerns, it has been addressed straight away.”

“Jess has needed and received a lot of support and has come a long way.”

“Good luck in the World Schools.”

“Promote support. Respond to issues raised.”

“Our daughter has been given appropriate challenges in each subject but without being put under pressure. It has always been good to talk with her teachers and we appreciate being kept informed of what she is doing in school.”

“We like homework free holidays.”