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Travel Update: re-timing of the 635 morning route

Merseytravel have acknowledged that recent changes to bus routes, on the commercial bus network within the Leasowe area, have caused some difficulties for students travelling towards Wallasey. Merseytravel have now re-timed the two morning 635 journeys.

With effect from Monday 9th October 2017, these journeys will now depart from Moreton earlier than previously advertised. The re-timing should allow sufficient time for students to make their journey to schools in the Wallasey area.

Download to view the re-timed 635 morning route

Special bus routes have been laid on by Weatherhead, in conjunction with Mersey Travel, to facilitate students getting to school.

Bus routes serving Weatherhead directly

124 Harrison Drive – Wallasey Village – Poulton – Seacombe Ferry – Woodside
125 Harrison Drive – New Brighton – Liscard – Seacombe Ferry – Woodside
224 Liscard – Weatherhead School
227 Prenton – Weatherhead School
228 Poulton Road – Weatherhead School
229 Wallasey Village – Weatherhead School
633 Moreton Cross – Weatherhead School
635 Weatherhead School – Town Meadow


Buses serving the Woodchurch/Upton area

In addition to the 227 (Prenton – Weatherhead School) there is also the 408/409 Woodside to Wallasey Village Circular and 413 from Liscard to Arrowe Park Hospital.


Buses serving the Bebington/Clatterbridge area

The 110, 410 New Brighton – Woodside/Clatterbridge bus route may be helpful, but this is not a Merseytravel route which serves Weatherhead School directly.


Buses serving the Moreton area

The morning service (633) goes from Moreton Cross via Birkenhead North to Weatherhead.
The afternoon service (635) goes from Weatherhead via Leasowe Road to Moreton Cross/Town Meadow Lane.

Service Updates

Please note that Easibuz run two services from the Moreton/Leasowe area in a morning which drops off after the Cheshire Cheese pub/ before St Hilary’s brow.

403 service no longer operates.

633/635 services are run by Easibus

224/227/228 are run by Stagecoach Birkenhead

413/408/409 runs via Breck Road.


For help planning your route to school, visit the Merseytravel website or contact Traveline on 0871 200 2233.
Plan your journey

408/409 bus timetable


Printed timetables are available in school from a stand located in the foyer area.

If you have any concerns related to transport and attending this school, please contact us at Weatherhead on 0151 631 4400 for further assistance.