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Home-School Weekly Update

School notices for week commencing: 23rd April 2019

Quote of the Week

‘You only fail when you stop trying.’

Subject Area Notice From Audience
School Closing- Good Friday & Bank Holiday Friday 19th April. Good Friday. School Closed. Re-opens Tuesday 22nd April. All Students
DofE- Group A- Practice Expedition Friday 19th April

Bronze DofE group A practice expedition departs by coach. Students need to arrive at school at 8.00am.

Saturday 20th April

Bronze DofE group A practice expedition returns. Parents collecting from campsite at 5:00pm.

Miss Faulkner All Students


Health Services in Schools Students can access support from Health Services in schools at the following drop in clinics:- Youth Worker & School Nurse Drop In – Monday lunchtime in B101 Brook – Wednesday lunchtime in A128 Mrs Jones All Students
Mindfulness group The Good Wolf will continue at 1pm in A104 every Wednesday. All welcome. Miss Folan Sixth Form
Year 10- Understanding the World of Work Day Year 10 Understanding the World of Work Day- Wednesday 24th April.

As part of the Careers Education Programme, Year 10 will be off timetable to attend the above event.

10X will attend the event during periods 1-3 with break as normal.

10Y will attend periods 4-6 with lunch as normal.

The aim of the event is to give students the opportunity to engage with employers, employees, universities and training providers across the range of local growth sectors.  Students will be able to directly question professionals regarding routes into and how to successfully progress within that area.

This is an invaluable opportunity for students to engage with employers and gain first hand advice regarding essential employability skills they can then demonstrate whilst on Work Experience the week commencing 24th June 2019.

Mrs Moretta Year 10
Lunchtime Activities Tuesday 23rd – Years 7-10 – Ralph Breaks the Internet- Theatre. Mrs Moretta Year 7- 10
Word of the Week English Word of the week:

Forbidding – unfriendly or threatening in appearance.

E.g. “a grim and forbidding building”

Maths Word of the week:

Key Stage 3

Multiple – A multiple is the result of multiplying a given number by any other number. Multiples are often considered to be any number in the times tables of a given number.

Key Stage 4

Probability – The chance of an event occurring.

History Word of the Week:

Year 7

New Model Army – formed in 1645 by the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War, and was disbanded in 1660 after the Restoration. It differed from other armies in the series of civil wars referred to as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms in that it was intended as an army liable for service anywhere in the country (including in Scotland and Ireland), rather than being tied to a single area.

Year 8

Nationalism – an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries or the advocacy of political independence for a particular country.

Year 9

Communism – a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

Miss Crawford All Students