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The Science Department occupies both floors of D-block, where there are 12 laboratories, two preparatory rooms and a department office; we also have an A Level Physics teaching laboratory in E101.


The Science Team has 13 full time and 3 part time members of staff, 2 Teaching Assistants and 4 Technicians.

Across the team, there is a wide range of subject specialism and staff utilise their teaching and non-teaching experience to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Science team are dedicated to supporting their students through lunchtime homework support, weekly revision session and general open door policy.

Dedicated support time is provided in the lead up to examinations across all year groups, with revision sessions or clinics scheduled weekly.


  • Gardening club
  • Science club
  • STEM club
  • STEM activities – students regularly attend external events throughout the year.
  • G&T

Aims of the Science Department

The Science Department promotes the aims of Weatherhead High School:

As teachers of Science with varied qualifications and subject specialisms, we bring a wide range of experience and expertise to this large department which is used to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. We share and disseminate our knowledge and teaching ideas in department meetings and through a structured review process. The team is passionate about Science and aware of its relevance in society; it is our aim to inspire and encourage this enthusiasm for Science in our pupils.

We aim:

  1. To develop pupils’ ability to think independently and take a genuine interest in Science.
  2. To increase pupils’ awareness of Science so that they develop as analytical thinkers, investigators and researchers and to encourage students to explore the relationship between Science, themselves and society.
  3. To promote the enjoyment of Science within the classroom and in the world around us.
  4. To acknowledge that studying Science is concerned not just with the intellectual development of the pupil, but also with their emotional, social and economic growth and to develop pupils’ ability to study independently, organise themselves and to work purposefully and constructively with others, preparing them for citizenship in a culturally diverse society.
  5. To develop positive working relationships in which pupils’ opinions and responses are encouraged, where the individual feels secure, valued and that account is taken of their individual needs.
  6. To ensure that provision is made, through personalised learning programmes, differentiation and intervention, for all pupils to access the curriculum.
  7. To equip pupils with sufficient knowledge about Science that they can access and understand Science in the media through learning across the curriculum and developing skills that will prepare them for life-long learning.

These aims are not merely statements of principle but inform our everyday practice.

Studying Science at Weatherhead stimulates curiosity for the world around us, develops logical thinking and embeds literacy and numeracy skills; we aim to inspire our scientists to be well-rounded, enthusiastic and able to work independently or as a team with confidence and resilience.

Dr Moore

Head of Faculty

GCSE Separate Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Physics