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Modern Foreign Languages

Why study MFL?

Learning how to interact with speakers of other languages means students are less likely to be stuck in one mode of thinking. It can help students to see things from a range of perspectives – making them more adaptable, creative, and insightful. The capacity to operate cross-culturally and the ability to converse in a different language are skills valued by employers. Speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of the brain by challenging it to recognise new words, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems. This skill boosts the ability to negotiate meaning in other problem-solving tasks as well as those in found in learning a foreign language.


Students have access to an extensive range of support, including electronic and online resources such as Linguascope, to enhance their learning experience.


There are a range of support sessions that run at lunchtime and after school for Students in all of the three key stages. Students can practise their language skills with native language assistants. Additional revision classes are also available for all students before they sit GCSE and Advanced Level examinations.


The department is committed to providing varied and meaningful opportunities for pupils to apply and further develop their language skills in real contexts.  Year 7 students take part in The Times Spanish Bee. Regular trips to Spanish restaurants are organised, enabling students to experience authentic cuisine and practise their conversational skills. Key Stage 3 and 4 German students are given the opportunity to visit Gladenbach, which allows students to develop their linguistic skills and understanding of the German culture. For GCSE and A level students, we offer unique opportunities to get the most out of language learning through our immersion weekends and trips. An annual Spanish immersion weekend takes place in March to help GCSE students prepare for the summer examinations. The 6th Form students are given the opportunity to attend a language college in Madrid to enhance their communication skills and cultural awareness.  The Head of German also arranges work experience placements in Germany for A Level students, which ensures they are well prepared for higher level study.

“We aim to offer an enjoyable and rewarding experience to all students learning a modern foreign language. We strive to provide the best possible opportunity for our students to excel in another language and learn about other cultures.”

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Year 8 & 9

GCSE Modern Foreign Languages

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