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Food Technology KS3

Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 
Health & Safety
Packed lunches including knife skills, sandwich design and dips
Using cookers to create a simple snack, cakes and crumble

Spring Term: 
Crunch pie
5-a-day including fresh fruit salad, soup, fruit muffin and salad

Summer Term:
British and exotic cookery

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
Healthy eating – scones, pin wheels, pasta
Nutrition – cheesy layer bake, low fat muffins

Spring Term:
Devilled skewers and 3 bean bake
Nutrition – cheesecake, au gratin dish, New Zealand biscuits
A balanced diet

Summer Term:
Junk foods – chicken goujons, potato wedges, chocolate cookies

Year 9 Curriculum

Autumn Term:
Our multicultural society – USA (muffins), Italy (pizza), India (curry), China (sweet and sour), Great Britain (jam tarts and Christmas cookery)

Spring Term:
Afternoon tea – scones, fairy cakes, sausage rolls, tomato tart, biscuits

Summer Term:
Individual needs – shepherd’s pie
Individual needs project: investigating age range of choice
Packaging and labelling


Assessment & Monitoring

At the start of year 7, students area given benchmark test. This is completed during two lessons and covers practical skills used in the preparation of hot and cold food. This information assists us to outline prior learning and to gauge attainment. Throughout year 7 – 9 students are regularly assessed and they are given end of year and KS3 targets in order to raise attainment.

In each classroom the levels for progression are displayed and each student receives a personal copy for their use to help them progress up the levels.


Individual food rooms are used for support clinics and practical work at lunch time and students are encouraged to use the VLE to find recipes should they miss a lesson.

All students are encouraged to continue practical cookery skills at home.


Individual food rooms are fully stocked with the specialist equipment needed for each year group.

HSC & Food Technology Department

Teaching team, support, facilities and extra-curricular opportunities.

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