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ICT & Business

Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage 3, all students have a weekly Computer Science lesson where they investigate many core areas of the subject including Computer Programming, Binary Code, Networks and Data Representation using various software applications such as Python, Scratch and AppShed.  The students are constantly encouraged to develop their skills and build an interest in the way Computer Science affects the world around them.

At Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to take the OCR GCSE Computer Science course or the BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology.  We also have many students who opt to take the BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise.

At Advanced level, the department offers the OCR A Level Computer Science course alongside the BTEC National Extended Certificate in Information Technology.  Students also have the chance to take the BTEC National Extended Certificate in Business.


The department is made up of 6 classrooms which are fully equipped with SMART board technology and enough computers so every student has their own computer in every lesson.  There is also a laptop trolley available.  The latest software has been uploaded onto every computer to allow all students to access the tools they require to expand their skills and understanding of computer software, programming and technology in every lesson.


The ICT classrooms are available within the department at lunch time and after school to allow students to gain additional help and guidance and also continue with their practical work.  We also encourage all students to explore and develop their ICT and computing skills at home.  There are also extra revision clinics available for all students before they sit their GCSE and Advanced Level examinations.


There are a wide range of extra-curricular sessions offered at lunchtime and after school for students.  Students have the chance to take part in The Real Business Challenge run by Coca Cola and in the Sixth Form.


The ICT, Computing and Business department are a high achieving and successful department.  We believe that every student should be prepared to function in the ever developing digital world.  The courses offered at GCSE and A Level provide students with the skills and understanding to unlock various opportunities in higher education, leading to future career success.

Mr Phillips

Head of ICT, Computing and Business