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Art & Design


Studying Art & Design

At Weatherhead we offer 3 design based subjects in the Art & Design department: Fine Art, Textiles and Product Design.  Art & Textiles are taught together at KS3 with Product design delivered separately. All areas are taught as separate Option subjects at KS4 & 5. Students with a real love of Art & Design may take more than one creative option subject. We recognise the importance of offering a range of design disciplines within one Art Department. Having a wider choice of options allows talent to thrive in a more focused way.

Staff at Weatherhead

In the Art department we are fortunate to have experienced staff with a wide range of design backgrounds. Their diverse skills enrich teaching styles as well as inspiring our students.

Head of department Mrs Freckleton comes from an Industry background, working as a Textile designer in London for several years before leading a Design studio in New York for 6 years. She is able to use this experience to inform her teaching style in a very practical way for her students.

Miss Stewart designed and manufactured wedding dresses before entering the teaching profession.

Miss Thomas is able to utilise her degree in Art History to develop analytical skills at GCSE and A level.

Miss Smith worked in Industrial design for Shell as well as private companies. She also designed and made bespoke jewellery freelance.


Our Art rooms provide a creative workspace for students to experiment and explore practically, using a wide range of materials and media. Specialist equipment includes ceramic facilities, printing equipment and a heat press. All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and overhead projectors that are used to visually support lessons and combine modern technology with traditional techniques.

Each room creatively displays a wide range of high quality students’ work ranging from KS3 to A-Level. This provides a personal, interesting and inspirational working environment for our students. High quality visual aides are used to inform and inspire creativity.


Classrooms are available within the department at lunch time and after school to enable students to use practical equipment and complete work. Teachers are available to offer additional support and guidance during a range of organised support sessions. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning and strongly promote independence. As a result rooms are available at all times throughout the day and after school for A-Level students to continue their study outside of timetabled lessons.


We offer a range of practical based clubs to provide the opportunity for students to learn additional skills outside of lessons. Practicing artists and designers also run workshops for students at GCSE and A-Level, which give practical experience and an insight into the creative industry. Throughout the year a range of inspirational trips are arranged, including a European residential for A-Level students, The Clothes Show for Textiles students and a London trip. There is also the opportunity for select students to be involved in a range of Art and Textiles based competitions and have their work exhibited in school, local galleries and nationally.

Fine Art and Textiles are extremely popular option choices at Weatherhead. Students, who study creative subjects with us, thoroughly enjoy their lessons and want to come in free time to study further. The commitment of staff and students alike is what makes this department such a success.

Mrs Freckleton

Head of Art and Design