Student Senior Leadership Team

At Weatherhead we believe that our students should be given lots of opportunities to develop their leadership. Our Sixth Form Senior Leadership Team are elected by staff and their peers and hold positions of responsibility in the Sixth Form.

The students who applied to be a part of the 2017-18 Leadership Team demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and commitment to sixth form. Those who did not make it onto the SSLT team form the Organisational/Prom Committee.

Meet the Team

The peer/staff vote has resulted in a very strong student leadership team:

Head Girl: Chloe Hunt

Deputy Head Girl: Abisaliny Arunprakash

Deputy Head Boy: Scott Henderson

Assistant Head Girl: Sophie Steele

Assistant Head Girl: Amelia Adley

Assistant Head Girl: Erin Taylor

Assistant Head Girl: Poppy O’Brien

Assistant Head Girl: Millie Marshallsay

Performing Arts Ambassador: Rebecca Barrow

Sports Captain: Georgia Hepke

Leadership Opportunities for Sixth Form Students

Weatherhead is a nationally recognised leadership school. The range of leadership opportunities that we offer gives our students confidence and prepares them to be future leaders both at university and in their careers.

  • Leadership Ambassador
  • Student Senior Leadership Team
  • School Council
  • Organising Committee
  • Volunteers Programme
  • Subject Ambassadors
  • Subject Peer Mentoring
  • Literacy Leaders
  • Reading Buddies
  • Numeracy Buddies
  • Arts Ambassadors
  • Arts Council
  • Museum Guides: in association with Liverpool Museums
  • Sports Council
  • Community Sports Leaders
  • Sky Living For Sport
  • Everton Mini Kickers
  • Dance Leaders
  • Radio Leaders
  • Sixth Form Friends
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Lunchtime Supervisors