Extra-Curricular Clubs

The programme of extra-curricular activities is open to all students at Weatherhead. Students can sign up for clubs/clinics easily and are encouraged to take part in at least one club per week. The timetables detail all the clubs and study support sessions for each year group.

For further information on any of the classes listed please see the relevant member of staff and listen out for student notices.

Loyalty Card Winners

Each term, KS3 students are invited to take part in the Extra-Curricular Loyalty Card scheme. Attendance at ten extra-curricular activities equals one complete loyalty card. Students can submit as many loyalty cards as they can complete in a term and each one is entered into a termly prize draw. Winners receive a high street voucher.

Congratulations to Seren (7SWI) and Ella (7KCH), winners of the Year 7 Autumn Term prize draw.

Congratulations to Alyssa (8SHO) and Erin (8RCO), winners of the Year 8 Autumn Term prize draw.

Congratulations to Jenna (9RHN) who won twice! The more loyalty cards you enter, the greater the chance of winning!