Year 8 Skills Tests

The skills tests for Year 8 students are aimed at developing and practising key skills in Maths and English and also learning key facts and information in relation to Geography and History. Students will be tested on this work in week commencing 12th February 2018. Please click here for the timetable (PDF).

The nature of the tests will be such that for the key areas of English and Maths, we will be expecting students to practise and develop the basics, i.e. numeracy skills for Maths, punctuation, grammar and spelling for English and key facts for Geography and History.

All the material to help students prepare for the tests is available to download below. TOP TIP: Save the booklets to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC so you can access them anytime, anywhere – no need to print! If you would like a paper copy, please ask Miss Grainger in the LRC.

For students who do not have IT access at home, the school computers are available at lunch time and after school:

F205       Lunchtime and after school until 5pm, Monday-Thursday.
LRC        Lunchtime and afterschool until 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 4.30pm Friday.

Geography and History tests will be sat in class. English and Maths will be sat in the Sports Hall on Friday 16th February. Students will go to form/period 5 for registers and then be escorted to the sports hall for their test. All students have been issued with an individual timetable and this includes the day, session and room their Geography and History test will take place and their seat number for their Maths and English test.