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Meet the Senior Leadership Team

Miss A Whelan

Miss A Whelan


All operational activity and strategic direction of the school.

Success and reputation of Weatherhead High School.

Quality and standards of the whole school.

All students and staff.

Mrs N Rogers

Mrs N Rogers

Deputy Head - Curriculum & Standards

Responsible for all aspects of curriculum development, delivery and quality assurance.

Responsible for all assessment, data and reporting.

Responsible for disadvantaged students 7-11.

Attendance and punctuality.

Governor links.


Data Protection Officer.

Oversight of: 
Science, History, Geography, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Careers and Aspirations (PSHCE/RE).

Miss N Sullivan

Miss N Sullivan

Deputy Head - Student Services & Wellbeing

Responsible for all aspects of student services for Years 7-11.

Responsible for behaviour and safety for Years 7-11.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer for whole school.

Health and Wellbeing for staff and students.

Oversight of:
Years 7-11, Art & Design and Food.

Miss R Byrne

Miss R Byrne

Senior Assistant Head - Director of 6th Form & Leadership

All aspects of Sixth Form relating to targets, quality, standards, recruitment, attendance, behaviour and destinations.

University application success.


Support Safeguarding Lead.

Staff and student leadership.

Oversight of:
Years 12 and 13, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Sociology.

Mr G Joplin

Mr G Joplin

Assistant Head - Curriculum


All curriculum developments.


Technical and applied qualifications.

Primary curriculum links.

Vocational curriculum.



School website.

Schools Direct.

Oversight of:
Health & Social Care, ICT, Media and Computers.

Mrs C Walton

Mrs C Walton

Assistant Head - Director of Quality and Standards at KS4 (Pastoral and Academic)

Student achievement and progress.

Pupil Premium coach.

Student Support.

Creating a positive ethos.

Rewards and sanctions.

Oversight of:

Miss K McArdle

Miss K McArdle

School Business Manager & Company Secretary


Health and safety.

Support staff.



IT Systems.

Oversight of:
Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) and Apprentices.

Extended Senior Leadership Team
Mr J Stringer

Mr J Stringer

Assistant Head - Director of Mathematics & Numeracy

Mathematics in Years 7-13.

Sixth Form Level 2 Mathematics provision.

Whole school numeracy.

KS2-3 Mathematics curriculum transition.

Teaching School Consultant – school to school Mathematics support.

PiXL Maths link.

Oversight of: